COMOS Walkinside Viewer

The COMOS Walkinside Viewer is a powerful 3D real-time visualization application that automatically renders very large, complex, computer-generated models. This innovative technology allows all parties involved in a project to participate in regular reviews by accessing and visualizing the 3D model of their projects in real-time, allowing for high resolution dynamic navigation, regardless of model size and complexity.


  • Fast rendering of even the largest 3D CAD models

  • Easy-to-use and game-like navigation enables users without previous CAD experience to immediately step inside the VR model and contribute effectively

  • Navigating 3D plant models through the eyes of a virtual human character uniquely emulates real-life experiences, such as bringing up awareness of obstacles and accessibility constraints

  • Realistic visualization of large process facilities in which avatars can interact

Design and functions

COMOS Walkinside’s simulation technology allows users to immediately and intuitively explore the virtual 3D model. Real-time dynamic tessellation allows graphical objects to be managed for continuous model rendering in real-time, even on low-capacity computers. Collision detection and gravity enable users to walk around and see the 3D environment through the eyes of a virtual operator with realistic representation of accessibility constraints.

Users can easily focus and jump to equipment, lines, etc. in the 3D model, by using the “plant structure”.  It is possible to visualize the engineering attributes of the CAD model for each 3D object with the option to perform queries in the engineering database. COMOS Walkinside provides a convenient menu-driven functionality to attach and position multiple sub-models into one assembly model to support multi-CAD projects.A lot of additional features, such as hide and show objects, support of viewpoints and redlining, or additional interfaces allow for customized setup of the scenarios in the 3D environment.

The COMOS Walkinside PreViewer is an additional, freely available 3D viewer that enables users to share their Walkinside 3D models with others who can use the PreViewer to visualize the model without having to purchase a license. It uses the same rendering technology and navigation experience as the COMOS Walkinside Viewer but with limited functions.