Structured project and plant documentation with COMOS PQM. COMOS PQM (Project Quality Management) enables complete technical mapping of the plant in one database. In this way, it is not only possible to view the documents created in COMOS, but external documents can also be integrated in COMOS via a link to all popular Office programs. In this process, COMOS automatically saves the information on who made which changes to the document at a specific time.


  • Higher quality of data and documents

  • Working layer technology provides secure project engineering

  • Archiving of previous project states simplifies troubleshooting

  • Information exchange with external applications through customized interfaces

  • Comprehensive technical plant documentation reduces project lead times

Design and functions

COMOS PQM allows internal and external documents to be easily revised. If a document is released by the responsible user, it is available as an Adobe PDF file and can no longer be edited. The history such as author, review steps, person responsible for release etc. is attached to the respective object in the form of metadata. For their legally compliant release and storage, documents can be digitally signed in COMOS PQM. PDF documents with digital signature can no longer be modified unnoticed. Stamps can also be integrated into the PDF with eStamp technology to indicate the validity or invalidity of the contents of documents.

COMOS PQM distinguishes between plant and project documentation. Plant documentation includes the latest documents and describes the as-built status. Based working layer technology, project-specific changes can be tested, optimized and documented in a safe environment. The as-built status of the plant remains unaffected. Once engineering is complete, the respective project can be released and integrated into the plant documentation.