COMOS Portable & Direct

Easy and intuitive feedback directly from the plant with COMOS Portable & Direct. COMOS Portable & Direct supports the maintenance work associated with the shutdown.The use of mobile devices with COMOS Portable enables mobile data acquisition as well as feedback of completed tasks to COMOS. The current status messages are visible immediately to all planners


  • Improved efficiency during maintenance due to optimal information management

  • Direct entry reduces error potential

  • User-friendly interface simplifies work

Design and functions

Maintenance orders can be conveniently downloaded to a handheld device, such as a PDA or smartphone. Using an RFID chip, the equipment is scanned and identified on-site with the portable device. Once maintenance is complete, the steps are entered in the handheld device.

COMOS Direct is designed for central feedback via terminal stations in the workshop or in the field. A card reader and a barcode scanner enables each technician an uncomplicated login and identification. Due to the exact assignment of the maintenance object to the respective technician, the terminal interface displays only the current task to be processed. Entries regarding time, material and maintenance can be made directlyusing the touch screen.