Integrated data management worldwide with COMOS Platform.

COMOS - Making data work.

The product range of COMOS Platform provides you with a perfect foundation for comprehensive, integrated asset management. This is where the entire equipment, such as piping, measuring points and other objects, is administrated, described with attributes, and evaluated.

The resulting corporate information portal enables fast access to quality-assured data. You can thus be sure that the right user gets the right information at the right time. The data of all application domains is stored centrally and in object-oriented form on a shared database, which means data consistency is guaranteed at all times. Any changes made to an application are therefore immediately available to all other disciplines and departments without the need for interfaces. This affords you optimum transparency and interoperability – over the full plant lifecycle. Moreover, the open system architecture of COMOS supports the connection of third-party systems via automated interfaces.

COMOS Core Functionalities

The secure basis for all engineering phases. COMOS Platform is the fundamental software solution for an object-oriented and cross-departmental plant management. With its essential functions, COMOS Platform guarantees reduced development times and an efficient workflow.

COMOS Enterprise Server

Global application networking based on a service-oriented architecture with COMOS Enterprise Server. The COMOS Enterprise Server makes all data required for plant management available in one central location. Project participants from different departments can automatically access data of other disciplines and departments by using the COMOS Enterprise Server. Engineering data from COMOS is accessible to users of other software applications, without them having to possess COMOS knowledge or a COMOS license on their workstation. In the other direction, COMOS Enterprise Server also allows data from external applications, such as an ERP system, to be adopted in the engineering with COMOS. COMOS Enterprise Server automatically checks the correctness of the imported data and integrates it once it has been released or informs the person responsible if the data is incorrect.


Location-independent access to all plant information with COMOS View Station. In plant management, it is necessary not only for experts with the appropriate technical background but also for persons without a technical background to access important data and documents of an industrial plant. Engineers involved in a plant engineering project must also frequently view engineering data on site at the construction location without processing this data directly.