Fast and easy generation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams with COMOS P&ID. Multiple departments are involved in basic and detail engineering. Since there is a particularly significant risk of data loss at the interfaces - especially at the transitions between process, pipe and EI&C engineering - data and information from the FEED phase can be seamlessly integrated into COMOS P&ID.


  • Shorter process handling times due to bidirectional data flow

  • Optimized project management through project engineering across locations and departments

  • Increased efficiency with the use of industry standards across disciplines and departments

  • Detection of inconsistencies starting in the early project phase

  • Always up to date and adjusted data due to consistent and non redundant data management

  • Simple navigation and intuitive handling due to clear structure

Design and functions

Since it is optimally connected to EI&C engineering and linked with pipe engineering, isometry and the 3D, maintenance and service areas, COMOS P&ID ensures data consistency in all directions.


COMOS P&ID makes comprehensive object libraries available. A corresponding object is stored in the object library for each symbol in the P&ID in accordance with international standards. The P&ID automatically detects which connection parts are required and inserts them according to the correct flow direction. You do not have to check for correctness.

The creation of module libraries and the reuse of the plant components or sub-units created with these libraries result in significant savings in valuable engineering time. COMOS P&ID also enables reliable revision management. All revisions can be stored, documented and viewed at a later point in time.

COMOS P&ID features an optimum connection to other COMOS solutions for basic and detail engineering as well as plant operation. The use of the single database in COMOS facilitates a consistent flow of data.