PAA 3.1

Monday, February 1, 2021
Version 3.1 of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) is now available for the integrated engineering workflow from process description to automation program.
New functions and new master data have been introduced in the new version V3.1 of PAA.

The PAA Control Module Request (CMR) object has been developed for improved integration of process planning data and PAA automation data. It enables one or more CM instances to be connected to a position or function in process planning.

Version 3.1 also has a complete editor for creating and documenting sequencers in Equipment Module templates. The editor allows a sequencer topology to be created in a graphical editor.

A detailed plan is available for each individual step and transition, in which the actions can be defined.


Standard functions and language elements can be introduced very easily using the toolbar of the editor.  

 The PAA now enables the complete creation of Equipment Modules and Control Modules according to ISA-88.

For the first time, PAA V3.1 also offers Scalance root objects for data exchange with PCS 7.

The Compact Field Unit (CFU) has been expanded to include graphic objects for complete electrical planning.

The PAA functions of the ET 200SP Remote IO family have been innovated. Like the ET 200M and ET 200SP HA, the stations are now implemented according to the physical structure.

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