Secure asset management with COMOS Operations.

COMOS – Making data work.

The product range of COMOS Operations provides a perfect solution for an efficient plant management strategy. The engineering data for plant and equipment can be utilized and updated during operations – in fact, engineering and operations merge into a single IT entity on a shared database. There are modules for end-to-end, structured and fully automatic planning and organization of all engineering, inspection and maintenance tasks as well as revamping or decommissioning.

Using special interfaces and portable applications, measures effected in the field or on the shop floor can be directly incorporated into the plant data. Besides a substantial efficiency boost, operators benefit from extended plant life. By establishing a centralized, plant/project- related document management system, the entirety of technical documents created in the course of the engineering process can be administrated promptly, transparently, and in line with standards. Search times are thus reduced and working hours used more effectively.


Targeted service and maintenance management with COMOS MRO. With COMOS MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), all aspects of management, planning, and organization of operation and maintenance, including plant documentation, are carried out in a single system. This means that any changes to the plant due to service and maintenance processes are also immediately available in the engineering data.

COMOS Shutdown

Efficient planning and safe execution of plant shutdowns with COMOS Shutdown. For some industries the complete shutdown of a plant is necessary in order to allow all components to be properly checked and serviced. This requires detailed and comprehensive shutdown planning, because each day without production entails very high costs.

COMOS Portable & Direct

Easy and intuitive feedback directly from the plant with COMOS Portable & Direct. COMOS Portable & Direct supports the maintenance work associated with the shutdown.The use of mobile devices with COMOS Portable enables mobile data acquisition as well as feedback of completed tasks to COMOS. The current status messages are visible immediately to all planners

COMOS Inspection

Intelligent service management with COMOS Inspection. COMOS Inspection enables continuous material testing in interaction with other COMOS applications.