New COMOS Version 10.2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In the latest release version 10.2 of its CAE software solution COMOS for the process industry, Siemens has focused on greater interoperability with a number of innovative new features. By enabling the seamless exchange of data between COMOS and the simulation platform SIMIT, Siemens is driving forward its digitalization strategy. A whole host of improvements in the COMOS platform make for enhanced software performance, increasing the speed and efficiency of project completion.

New developments and extended functions help improve the efficiency of data management across a plant’s entire life cycle, while also enhancing convenience and simplifying decision-making processes for users.

New and improved interfaces for even faster data exchange with external applications underpin the continued expansion of the COMOS interoperability strategy. These include the interface to eCl@ss Advanced 9.0 to facilitate the comparison of device data from different suppliers and to allow it to be imported directly into the CAE system COMOS, including the relevant documentation. Also improved: interfaces to Proteus 3.6.0, formerly XMpLant scheme, or the Siemens LM Software Teamcenter. The interface to Bentley OpenPlant announced earlier and developed in cooperation with renowned companies from the chemical industry is now ready for market and enables the capture, exchange, and further utilization of information across the whole life cycle of a plant. In COMOS 10.2, it is now possible to generate Bentley “i-models” directly from the piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). The stored graphic and process data they contain can be used seamlessly in OpenPlant for 3D design purposes, enabling inconsistencies to be avoided and project engineering work to be significantly accelerated. Also new is the interface to the SIMIT simulation software. Here, a standard interface was developed which allows P&ID information to be transferred directly from COMOS into a SIMIT simulation model. The benefits are faster, more efficient engineering and reduced commissioning times.

Version COMOS 10.2 comes with a variety of new functional features and useful wizards designed to make the daily work of users both simpler and more efficient. New symbols in object libraries and additional color coding of objects on P&ID’s make for greater manageability. Electrical engineering has been significantly simplified by the new Marshalling Designer and the Brownfield Loop Wizard. New PERT diagrams make it possible to more clearly visualize maintenance work sequences.

With the 3D virtual reality viewer COMOS Walkinside, color coding and the isolation of individual elements, allows project and status checks to be performed directly in the 3D model. This focusing capability means that all those involved in a project are able to more easily gain a uniform understanding of the current status of a plant or project. And the technology provided by the state-of-the-art Oculus Rift virtual reality headset enables realistic training scenarios to be generated.  

With the new version COMOS 10.2, Siemens is underpinning its digitalization strategy for the process industry. COMOS continues to consolidate its position as a high performance collaboration platform for consistent data management across the whole life cycle of an industrial plant in the process industry.

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