COMOS Mobile

COMOS Mobile covers solutions for easy access to COMOS data and documents in location-independent scenarios via iPad and Microsoft SharePoint integration. Information is available offline!


  • Plant information is available anytime and worldwide

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Improved collaboration

  • Easy to use

Design and functions

COMOS Mobile Document Review allows revisioned PDF documents to be sent from COMOS to the COMOS iPad App users. Within the App, the user can navigate through the received documents and see which documents are new. He can manage favorite documents, open and review a document and, in addition, he can redline it and add comments. Documents can also be accepted for revision. Changed documents can be saved, deleted and sent by email as well as back to COMOS. COMOS Mobile Document Review provides the data connection to the installed COMOS system with a graphical user interface via App.

COMOS Mobile Document View enables users to access COMOS managed documents via Microsoft SharePoint without a COMOS desktop installation. It is possible to present documents of several projects and databases via SharePoint web parts in one environment at the same time. This enables a quick overview of the available documentation. Although the documents are accessible in a different environment, they remain in the COMOS archive to avoid duplication or redundancies.