COMOS Logical

COMOS Logical represents the ideal software solution for the graphical creation of function plans and sequences in accordance with applicable standards. The seamless information flow in COMOS facilitates planning on the basis of already defined signals. Changes can be tracked and implemented more rapidly and fault potentials are extensively minimized.


  • Efficient function planning through intuitive interfaces

  • Easier function planning through integration in the overall process

  • Reduced time and work expenditures through easy transfer of automation-relevant data

Design and functions

The information available from the EI&C planning relating to the number and type of signals can be made more detailed in COMOS Logical in the next step. Signals are reused in a standardized manner and managed in the function planning. The function planning and control technology requirements are already integrated in the system and can be easily applied.

With autoconnect, two contacts on the plan are interlinked, and the connection is automatically created by means of autorouting. Also, cross-references are automatically created.