Comprehensive information management with COMOS Lifecycle.

COMOS - Making data work.

COMOS Lifecycle allows comprehensive information management throughout all plant lifecycle phases, regardless of functional assignment. This enables you to profit from maximum reliability in decision-making and from worldwide access to data and documents, for example, via mobile applications and through the integration of SharePoint.


Structured project and plant documentation with COMOS DDMS. COMOS DDMS enables complete technical mapping of the plant in one database. In this way, it is not only possible to view the documents created in COMOS, but external documents can also be integrated in COMOS via a link to all popular Office programs. In this process, COMOS automatically saves the information on who made which changes to the document at a specific time.

COMOS Interface library

As a part of improved interoperability, COMOS Interface Library provides configurable interfaces for the bidirectional exchange of information between COMOS and third party software. It also offers integration toolkits for the exchange of business functions with external applications.

COMOS 3D Integration

Integrated 3D engineering without media breaks. COMOS 3D Integration creates a connection between the individual COMOS software solutions and 3D tools and thus ensures the exchange of information.

COMOS Walkinside Builder

Creating a complete 3D virtual model of a plant. The COMOS Walkinside Builder automatically creates a complete 3D virtual model of the largest industrial process plants by merging native files from diverse data sources and proprietary formats. It automatically reads information on geometry, CAD hierarchy, engineering database and textures during the conversion process from the various CAD files. Therefore, initial 3D model creation and subsequent updates are uniquely easy, fast and convenient, using the COMOS Walkinside converters.

COMOS Walkinside Viewer

The COMOS Walkinside Viewer is a powerful 3D real-time visualization application that automatically renders very large, complex, computer-generated models. This innovative technology allows all parties involved in a project to participate in regular reviews by accessing and visualizing the 3D model of their projects in real-time, allowing for high resolution dynamic navigation, regardless of model size and complexity.

COMOS Walkinside ITS

The COMOS Walkinside Immersive Training Simulator (ITS) fully immerses operators in their plants. It simulates real-life scenarios and supports multiple avatars to test team performance and communication. To further increase the training realism, the 3D model may be enriched with all details of the existing plant. The 3D objects are procedurally added to the virtual reality model to flag evacuation routes, emergency and firefighting equipment signs, etc. Escape paths are represented in their full length for rehearsal of evacuation procedures. Sound effects complete the realistic setting.

COMOS Walkinside Integration

The COMOS Walkinside Server provides an effective client/server solution that is built on top of an existing COMOS Walkinside Viewer network license configuration. The COMOS Walkinside Server is delivered with a standard web portal allowing local and remote end users to access centrally stored Walkinside models and to open them in the COMOS Walkinside Viewer on their client. Geographically dispersed users have full access to the computational and visualization capabilities of COMOS Walkinside from any desktop computer, improving communication between team members and shortening cycle times thus improving the quality of decision-making processes. The COMOS Walkinside Software Development Kit (SDK) is used as an integration tool for COMOS Walkinside with third party applications to exchange data in a bidirectional way. SDK supports customized solutions and extended use according to customer needs.

COMOS Mobile

COMOS Mobile covers solutions for easy access to COMOS data and documents in location-independent scenarios via iPad and Microsoft SharePoint integration. Information is available offline!


The COMOS Web Server lays the foundation for the data transfer between the COMOS database and both COMOS Web and COMOS Mobile products. It enables worldwide access to COMOS data and documents for users via the Internet and supports multiple browsers. COMOS WebView enables read-only access for the user, while COMOS WebPQM allows users to read and edit data in COMOS through the Web service.