COMOS Isometrics

Interactive generation of isometrics from construction to as-built status with COMOS Isometrics. With COMOS Isometrics, a complete solution is now available for interactive isometry creation based on a central database. Multiple interfaces allow for trouble-free exchange with common third-party systems and data formats. Engineering projects such as planning new plants, reconstruction planning, inventories and inspections can be implemented easily and with consistent data.


  • Reliable isometry creation due to integrated data of pipe parts and pipe specs

  • Simple operation due to intuitive user interface

  • Flexibility due to data import from third-party systems

  • Simple control in 3D model due to connection with COMOS 3D Integration

Design and functions

Thanks to object orientation, all required data from COMOS P&ID, COMOS PipeSpec and COMOS 3D Integration can be smoothly integrated into and reused in COMOS Isometrics. Objects can be placed and moved on the user interface via drag&drop, while dimensions and geometry are automatically adjusted in the process.

All pipe runs created in COMOS Isometrics can be controlled in the 3D model at any time, even during the operating phase. Interfaces to third-party systems as well as connections to accounting and measurement systems ensure effortless integration of external data.