COMOS Enterprise Server

Global application networking based on a service-oriented architecture with COMOS Enterprise Server. The COMOS Enterprise Server makes all data required for plant management available in one central location. Project participants from different departments can automatically access data of other disciplines and departments by using the COMOS Enterprise Server. Engineering data from COMOS is accessible to users of other software applications, without them having to possess COMOS knowledge or a COMOS license on their workstation. In the other direction, COMOS Enterprise Server also allows data from external applications, such as an ERP system, to be adopted in the engineering with COMOS. COMOS Enterprise Server automatically checks the correctness of the imported data and integrates it once it has been released or informs the person responsible if the data is incorrect.


  • Increased efficiency with the export of resource-intensive tasks

  • Automated data transfer between different software systems

  • Optimized information flow during engineering

  • Shorter engineering processes as result of stable service oriented architecture

Design and functions

The service-oriented architecture of the COMOS Enterprise Server enables that encapsulated work steps can be provided to individual users. Data-intensive tasks that could block the workstation of an individual user can be passed on to the server. The COMOS Enterprise Server can handle large amounts of revisions of drawings and data sheets. Exporting these tasks frees up personnel as well as their workstations.