COMOS Core Functionalities

The secure basis for all engineering phases. COMOS Platform is the fundamental software solution for an object-oriented and cross-departmental plant management. With its essential functions, COMOS Platform guarantees reduced development times and an efficient workflow.


  • Mapping of the whole plant lifecycle on a single data platform

  • Consistency and transparency in data management based on object orientation

  • Simplified collaboration among all involved disciplines and departments

  • Intuitive and user-friendly handling

  • Seamless integration into existing EDP landscapes due to open software architecture

Design and functions

The innovative working layer technology of COMOS Platform enables optimum implementation of simultaneous engineering. Simultaneous engineering is the simultaneous implementation of originally consecutive work steps and plays a decisive role in efficient plant engineering. By creating working layers (different views of the same plant data), engineering data and plant objects can be processed by several users at the same time.

Working layer technology with COMOS Basic


The original database of the plant is not modified. After processing, the changes can then easily be consolidated with the original plant data and released in the as-built status of the plant. The working layer technology is ideal for running through various scenarios in a secure environment and allows the thorough testing and optimization of different planning statuses

COMOS is based on the familiar MS Windows technology and is therefore easy to operate using well-known functions such as shortcuts, pop-up menus, drag & drop etc

COMOS Platform includes integrated standards across disciplines and departments to support plant management. Company- or discipline-specific standards can also be generated easily without significant effort. All defined standards can be applied by users at any time and individually customized if necessary.

In COMOS, creating data sheets and lists is just as easy and convenient as processing them. Object properties can be adapted without problems in data sheets as well as in different data masks. Bulk queries and bulk changes are also possible without any great effort. All documents can be exported to Microsoft Office and this way be made available to subcontractors.

With COMOS Platform, it is possible to make revisions in different formats, for example MS Word and Adobe PDF. The software provides the option of implementing controlled individual or bulk revisions of centrally collected and stored data.