COMOS 10.4.4

Sunday, October 8, 2023

COMOS 10.4.4 is now officially released and is available.


The COMOS version 10.4.4 product release includes following highlights:


COMOS Platform


Improved Performance

 -  Faster Cross Project Copy

 -  Faster Save on Project Level

 -  Faster Rights / Permissions performance


General Platform Enhancements

 -  Easier adding of new language in bulk translations

 -  Show templates from template project

 -  Improved sorting of standard value entries


COMOS Document Viewer

Support more file formats

 -  DWG Support improvements (e.g. Layouts & Viewports)

 -  Added support for Proteus file format

 -  Improved filtering on redlining comments


COMOS Application UX

Zoomable UI and new Desktop docking

 -  COMOS Desktop Client is now supporting the Windows docking feature and many controls can be zoomed into


COMOS Report


Export AutoCAD to PDF according AutoCAD plot settings

 -  In order to get a PDF Export as similar as possible according the AutoCAD Plot settings, the parameters in the PDF export settings had to be adjusted manually. With the parameter "Autocad.UsePaperSizeFromPlot" it is now possible to run the PDF export accordingly to the plot settings from the AutoCAD file.


Export documents to PDF/A Format

 -  Digital archive for engineering documentation


Content based revision monitoring for scripted list report

 -  Revision monitoring


COMOS Lifecycle



COMOS Web Dashboard Snapshots

 -  Improved start page loading times

 -  Support long-running queries on the Dashboard


Web Team Dashboard

 -  Introduce Dashboard for any group of user

 -  Manage Team members in the Web user Administration



Document-related enhancements

 -  Automatic Document type selection

 -  More efficient data retrieve of COMOS Document/Object relations


Service Infrastructure

Support Contend based search

 -  Improved document search: Content based search



Service Infrastructure

COMOS Web OpenID integration

 -  COMOS Web supports 3rd party Identity Management Access (IAM) integration via OIDC interface directly


Service Infrastructure

Notifications Reliability Improvements

 -  Enhance Persistency

 -  Enhance reliability

 -  Notification lost recovery


Service Infrastructure

Windows Server 2022 Support



OOTB ESign and Watermark

 -  No need of third of party libraries to ESign documents

 -  Flexible configuration for Watermarks and Banner Text



Create Revisions from COMOS Web

 -  User can now create revisions of single documents from COMOS Web


COMOS Teamcenter Connector Toolkit (CTCT) Support of Teamcenter 14.2

 -  New features introduced in CTCT are now supported with latest released version of Teamcenter


COMOS Process Engineering



Page reference objects

 -  Page references represented by COMOS objects instead of symbols

 -  References possible on same page and across pages

 -  New page references suitable for DEXPI export


COMOS Modularized Engineering

New context menu for project and templates

 -  Place the page reference objects and select memorize / connect with to establish the link

 -  Page referenceing method and base objects can be set in the project properties (blurred area not supported)



COMOS Database

Standardization, Tooling and Workflows


COMOS Database

SiPEC - Continuous improvement of data model and data workflows

 -  Standardized data exchange:

 -  Data model mapped to DEXPI 1.3 spec

 -  Efficient engineering: Further integrated media object concept (graphical properties of media)

 -  Efficient engineering:Flexible specification of measured quantity in I&C tasks

 -  Consistent look: Connection types and connection symbols harmonized

 -  High flexibility: Flexible configurable equipment list on P&ID

 -  High flexibility: Universal tagging system (UTS) improved to match project requirements


iDB P02 - SiPEC data model-based Engineering project

 -  SiPEC and DDMS Standardized settings based sample project to support and promote the best practise way of working with COMOS as an engineering tool with and updated engineering guide and better quality data model.


EIC Dataflow : P&ID -> I&C -> Device Engineering

 -  Dataflow for Request engineerng to Monitor / Update data from Process/Field -> Automation -> Electrical engineering maintaning data consistency.

 -  Admin maintains company wide attribute for dataflow, and Engineer can further enhance data to using mapping table for the objects at project level.


EIC : Additional structure nodes to fit in Process industry

 -  Structure nodes like Switch board + Junction box added to clearly identify the usage of a particular Cabinet with relevant elements.

 -  Special node with Modular symbols devices to easily identify better designed symbols as per IEC/DIN norms.


Modular Report: Enhanced Functionality to control document content and layouts Enhanced control functionalities 1. Content splitting 2. Line spacing 3. Tab stops 4. Controls boxes 5. Attribute Container 6. Compatibitility to interactive reports


XDL: New addition to library SIRIUS Relays 3RB30, RB31, 3RP, 3RK3

 -  Faster engineering with digital data

 -  Devices directly available for your electrical engineering

 -  2D, 3D diagrams, list reports with all technical details

 -  Own License needed


Symbol configurator PlugIn with design tab version 2.0

 -  User experience with lot of flexibility

 -  Modify object graphic, connector positions directly in preview window. Add new graphic with coordinates and update symbols. No longer list specification.


GSDLL: New Enhancements for more user flexibility

 -  Provision of internal storage with store locally attribute Improves performance

 -  Now P&ID symbols can also be configured by using GSDLL

 -  Script conditions available for conditional base symbols for more flexibility

 -  Move your connector directly on your symbol for more flexibility


Please read the COMOS 10.4.4 'Release Notes' file for a summary of all new features available with this release.

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