COMOS 10.4.1

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

COMOS 10.4.1 is now officially released and is available.

The COMOS version 10.4.1 product release includes highlights in the areas of:

COMOS Platform

  • PDF Export SMART Links

COMOS Engineering

  • iTwin Sync – Report mode
  • iTwin sync Working Layer mode
  • Comos SmartSearch
  • ME Tooltip ME Versioning and Rule compatibility check
  • Engineering Preview load / edit / reset attribute value
  • New Action Triger Bock “Control Display Mode”

COMOS Lifecycle

  • New Redlining of Revisions (WEB & Desktop)
  • COMOS Web
  • Global Search Enhancements
  • Switch User in Browser
  • Use customized UI language
  • Query enhancements
  • Teamcenter Interface (Export Attributes)


  • CAD Preview
  • DDMS Public API COMOS iDB (industrial Database)

COMOS iDB (industrial Database)

  • COMOS Generalized Symbol.dll
  • Functions for easy symbol generation of manufacturer devices

Please read the COMOS 10.4.1 ‘Release Notes’ file for a summary of all new features available with this release.

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