COMOS 10.4.3

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

COMOS 10.4.3 is now available.

 COMOS 10.4.3 is now officially released and is available.
The COMOS version 10.4.3 product release includes highlights in the areas of:
AREA Lifecycle
DDMS end-end user story for COMOS lifecycle standardized. Software related topics are implemented to improve flexibility in customer Uses Cases:
o   Controlled printouts of approved revision PDF in AS-built phase to provide relevant information when printed
o   eSign Support for Plant & Project Revisions thereby adding electronic signatures for project and AS-built documentation
o   Configurable delimiters for document name on Check-Out, thereby enabling further automated processing of checked out documents
o   Align eSign dialog between COMOS Desktop and COMOS Web to enhance consistency across the classic and web clients
o   Show additional watermark on opening an old revision PDF thereby enabling end user to identify between current and outdated revisions
o   Enhance eSign Reasons to bring alignment with web client and also to simplify eSign during document revision workflows
o   eSign certificate configurator is introduced to simplify the management of certificates
o   Security improvements. Example: Content Security Policy (CSP) has been implemented to mitigate Cross-Site Scripting and data injection attacks.
o   Usability improvements in the Comos Web UI, especially new Action bar.
o   Direct support of links as attribute value in Comos Web.
o   Role based Dashboard is possible to be added in COMOS Web homepage
o   Create Task feature now available which was missing in COMOS 10.4.2 version
o   Default DDMS Task types available out of the box for customer direct usage in Task Management
COMOS Services
o   New workflow engine introduced that handles workflows centrally with a service and improves reliable and performance in comparison to the Desktop Workflow Engine.
o   Added support for Keycloak service to improve multi factor authentication use cases in the new COMOS Web UI and to support external users login in COMOS Web.
COMOS Teamcenter Connector Toolkit (CTCT)
o   COMOS V10.4.3 supports now Teamcenter Version 14.1
Important Replacement
o   The executable "MXExec.exe" is removed from COMOS Desktop. Customers can use “Comos.EnterpriseServer.Process.exe” as a replacement that offers the same functionalities as “MXExec.exe”.

Area Platform

o   Support of Windows 11
COMOS Desktop UI
o   New "Quick Menu Search" enables the customer to have faster access to all existing menu commands through a fast and comfortable search control
o   COMOS executable can be executed with parameters now making it possible to execute custom actions directly at the start of COMOS

COMOS Printing
o   Improved printing diagnostics to find print issues in the COMOS configuration for customers
o   Paper size can be configured in bulk printing

COMOS Report
o   Improved transparency of *-Revision changes with a detailed list of objects changed that created the *-Revision. Customer can use this information to safely decide if a *-Revision can be deleted.
o   Support of SMART Links on interactive Reports

COMOS Viewer
o   The COMOS Viewer is now capable of recognizing symbols and primitives through sketches from users enabling faster and more accurate redlining
o   Symbol Libraries are now supported in the COMOS Viewer. The same symbol library as in Report templates are used. Currently symbol libraries are only used in redlining mode
o   Improvement of performance on big diagrams

Changed behavior
o   COMOS needs the driver "Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server" in version 18. Version 19 is not supported yet because of incompatibilities and if a customer has a system with version 19 installed, please be aware to downgrade to 18.

o   Oracle database support is discontinued
Area Engineering & Automation
o   Optimization of DEXPI/Proteus Import and Export Functionalities
o   Quality improvements
Lifecycle 3D:
o   Optimization on Sequencer Functionality for E3D
o   Phase 1: Start of generalization of E3D Interface
o   Quality Improvements
Automation and Electrical Engineering:
o   Optimization of Connection Objects
o   Quality improvements
Area Database
Through linking pipe specs to media list items users can efficiently work with engineering data libraries in COMOS The Universal Tagging System was further integrated into the SiPEC data model Some added functions for tag generation of pipes Some added functions for tag generation of PCE requests and adequate display in oval Some added functions for tag generation of documents  

DDMS end-end user story for COMOS lifecycle standardized. The standardization majorly focuses on User management, Change Management and Revision workflow for external and internal document lifecycle with standard project structures - "A10- Project settings, general" and "A00- Project settings, SiPEC".

Modular report
o   Modular report enhanced with matrix functionality and test suit templates.
COMOS Manufacturer Device Content
Manufacturer Device Content Database provides library of electrical manufacturing devices. With the device database, we want to make data models in COMOS available to our customers for real devices.  These models are based on SIEMENS devices and can be used in the electrotechnical planning process. The value of these devices is based on the associated COMOS concepts that are required for these devices, as well as the Siemens-specific design of the actual manufacturer device with the order number.  Customer projects save time and money as a result because these devices do not have to be conceptually and data-technically created at the start of a project. In the case of third-party manufacturers, the Siemens devices can be used as templates so that existing device concepts can also be used for other manufacturers.  

COMOS Mobile Worker
A new standard content has been created for COMOS Mobile Worker, which covers the following use cases with version 10.4.3:
o   Commissioning – Loop check  
o   Commissioning of field devices 
o   Data consolidation / redlining 
o   Operation – Quality check 
o   Unique identification of assets, equipment and material 
o   Safer operation 
o   Digital 4-eye check 
o   Plant runners/Tours/Inspection 
o   Access to any kind of information 
o   Work orders 
o   Electronic As-Is-Documentation on the fly 
o   Prior use - devices for safety instruments systems 
o   Operation – Safety checks  

Changed behavior
o   In relation to requirements from IEC 62424 no arrow is displayed at the end of process connection lines
o   Customers who want to be up-to-date with SiPEC need to check checked-in standard tables and eventually re-initialize their projects
Please read the COMOS 10.4.3 ‘Release Notes’ file for a summary of all new features available with this release.
Download COMOS 10.4.3:
Colleagues located in CIS regions outside of Germany can access the software from the Support Center with their personal WebKey.
To download COMOS 10.4.3:
1.      Select COMOS Version 10.4 from the drop-down menu
2.      Please select the tile “COMOS 10.4.3”
3.      Download the latest COMOS file: “COMOS_10.4.3.exe”
4.      After executing this file you will get a zip-file “”
5.      After decompressing the zip-files please start the setup.exe from the main directory. The COMOS Suite guides you through the individual steps in order to install the COMOS products.
If you are using a basis installation of COMOS 10.4, 10.4.1 or 10.4.2 you can simply download the Software and Help system package of COMOS 10.4.3 from Support Center in order to upgrade:

1.      Select COMOS Version 10.4 from the drop-down menu
2.      Please select the tile “COMOS 10.4.3”
3.      Download the latest COMOS file: “COMOS_10.”
4.      After executing this file you will get a zip-file “”
To download the COMOS License Server from Support Center:

1.      Select COMOS License Server from the drop down menu
2.      Please select the tile “COMOS License Server 2.1.4”
3.      Download the latest COMOS License Server file: “CLS Server”
Please note, that GTAC is no more available for COMOS downloads.


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