COMOS 10.3.3

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Service pack 10.3.3 consists of fixes across all product areas and new developments for selected product areas.



Faster engineering

 - Improved performance for saving Extended Properties

 - Performance improvements and correct result set in Search Manager for Microsoft SQL Server



Improved usability

 - Query Database Search support for specified dates

 - Task Layouts for the Mobile Solutions web environment can now be composed with a visual editor instead of

   editing xml files

 - Web Users in Mobile Solutions can now edit multiple task instances at the same time



Further revision options

 - PDF export for the revision of the Interactive and Evaluation reports

 - PDF export instead of Revision Printer for all common formats



More efficient engineering

 - Export COMOS reports into the DGN V8i file e.g. for data handover

 - Brownfield tags are supported in Walkinside Web

 - The new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service can link images or image based PDFs of brownfield data

   to intelligent COMOS objects through tag information


Please read the COMOS 10.3.3 Release Notes for a summary of all new features available with this release.

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