COMOS 10.2.4

Monday, July 30, 2018

COMOS 10.2.4 is now officially released and is available for our customers.

This service pack 10.2.4 consists of corrections across all product areas and also new developments for selected product areas.

With the product release 10.2.4 there will be amongst others, new features in the areas of:


Faster, safer and more efficient mobile working

 *   More usability and performance when working with larger queries with additional verified input of attribute values


Immediate, enhanced and secure mobile data exchange

 o   New import of Piping Component Files (PCFs). For systems that support only one format (IDF or PCF) a converting is no longer necessary.


Powerful mobile application with easy usability

o   The COMOS Mobile Operations app gives maintenance personnel a digital assistant to help make the implementation of maintenance requests and management of error reports in systems as efficient as possible. The connection to the Asset Information Management System COMOS provides the user with data and documents to read and edit on site.

 Please read the COMOS 10.2.4 ‘Release Notes’ file for a summary of all new features available with this Release.

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