COMOS 10.2.3

Thursday, May 17, 2018

We would like to inform you about the availability of the COMOS 10.2.3.

COMOS 10.2.3 software can be used by COMOS and COMOS Mobile Solutions users.

COMOS Walkinside 10.2.3 can be used by COMOS Walkinside users.

As a replacement for software updates on version 10.2.2 from now on service packs will be released.

Two service packs (10.2.3, 10.2.4) will follow for version 10.2 till the 10.3 release. Those will consist of corrections across all product areas and also new developments for selected product areas.

With the product release 10.2.3 there will be amongst others, new features in the areas of:


Immediate, enhanced and secure mobile data exchange

  - Working global and mobile

  - Mass and easy management of 1D and 2D data via Web

  - Independent PDF viewer (iOS and Android)

  - Secure Public key infrastructure (PKI) login


Powerful mobile application with easy usability

  - COMOS Walkinside rendering server empower that the Walkinside viewer runs in a web environment (browser)

     independently from the operating system and machine.

Please read the COMOS 10.2.3 "Release Notes" file for a summary of all new features available with this Release.

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